About us

What is Our mission?

Our contentious mission is to wipe out poverty among senior citizens in Croatia and raise the quality of their lives. We enable senior citizens to lead active lives through easy access to trusted information, opportunities for productive aging and social support services.

What is Our vision?

To strive to create an enlightened society in which senior citizens can feel secure, confident and respected enough to live peacefully with dignity they deserve.

What are Our values?

Free of charge 

We want to make all of our services free for all senior citizens.


We strive to make everything as simple as possible for those we serve.

Positive Thinking

We are guided by our optimistic view of the world and the power of positive thinking. Anything is possible because we believe so.


We have an unshaken confidence in our own abilities to overcome all challenges.


We will never give up because that is the easiest thing to do. We are relentless and tireless in our pursuit.

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